Smart Building Control System

Lead into energy saving technology Introduction

APAC‘s smart living products consist of seven series (LED flat lamp, DALI lighting control, DALI switch, wireless module, control system, network interface conversion, and gas detection). These products, through flexible connection of wired and wireless networks, can provide a variety of smart control and energy-saving solutions for public facilities, buildings, plants, home lighting or electronic equipment. In addition, with the proliferation of Internet, remote monitoring is simple and feasible. Consequently, by using our products, an important branch of the Internet of Things (IOT) system can be established, and a comfortable, convenient, safe, and energy saving living environment can be created.


  • Easy Deployment Lighting Control

  • Our lighting control system adopts the internationally standardized DALI technology. No box on the wall is needed for the deployment, only a pair of flexibly linked RJ-11 telephone wire is required. By employing different structures, any light unit can be controlled individually or in a cluster. The system also possesses 10%-100% digital dimming function for fluorescent bulbs.

  • Electronic Facilities Load Control

  • Electronic home facilities, such as curtain, projection screen, and fan can be linked to the system to perform on/off switch. Conventional IR controlled electric devices such as TV and cooler can also be controlled by the system via IR transmitter.

  • Scenes Management

  • Up to 16+ preset scenes based on proper setting of controllable devices are available. You can make a scene to conform with your mood by a finger touch.

  • Functional Sensor Incorporation

  • Various wire/wireless sensing elements including PIR, CO2, CO, and LUX sensors can be incorporated into the system.

  • Remote Control

  • Users can access the system and control every device remotely via Internet.

  • Mobile Devices Access

  • Mobile devices like ipad, tablet, or smart phone can access the system by using any kind of web browser.