LED Driver

DDL Driver Series: DDL-WW-VV-CE

 Single channel LED driver for indoor application (DALI or ZigBee version).
 [Catalog]  [Data Sheet]  [Install Manual]

MDL Driver Series: MDL-XCH-48

 Multi channel LED driver for indoor application (DALI or ZigBee version).
 1. 2CH:  [Catalog]  [Data Sheet]
 2. 3-6CH: [Catalog]  [Data Sheet]  [Install Manual]
 3. Examples for Multi Channel DALI Command: [Download]

DALI PHY Module Series:

 1. AO-1312A (PWM 9P) [Catalog] [Data Sheet] [User Manual]
 2. AO-1312D (PWM 12P)
 3. AO-1312E (EnOcean to DALI) [Data Sheet]

Developed for indoor LED lighting, IEC-62386 (DALI) standard including single and multi-channel.


DC 10V Series:

 AO-1307A/Z (DC 1-10V), AO-1307B (DC 0-10V)
 [Catalog]  [Data Sheet]

Load Control Series:

 AO-1302A/Z (ON/OFF)
 [Catalog]  [Data Sheet]

PWM Series:

 AO-1310A/Z (5V), AO-1311A/Z (10V)
 [Catalog]  [Data Sheet]

The one-way DALI converter to control DC0-10V, PWM, and Load driver.

Data Bridge

Wire Series:

 1. AO-1202A (DALI to RS485) [Catalog] [User Manual]
 2. AO-1220 (LAN to DALI) [Catalog] [Data Sheet]

Wireless Series:

 1. AO-1203 (WIFI to DALI) [Catalog] [Data Sheet]
 2. AO-1209 (WIFI to ZigBee) [Catalog] [Data Sheet] [User Manual]
 3. AO-1210 (LAN to ZigBee) [Catalog] [Data Sheet] [User Manual]

The bi-directional bridge to convert different protocols.

Wireless Module

Module Series:

 1. AO-1501/A (ZigBee Module) [Catalog] [Data Sheet]
 2. AO-1502/A (BLE Module) [Catalog] [Data Sheet]
 3. AO-1503/A (ZigBee to UART) [User Manual]
 4. AO-1504/A (BLE to UART) [User Manual]
 5. AO-1505/A (ZigBee AIDO) [User Manual]
 6. AO-1506/A (ZigBee DIDO) [User Manual]
 7. AO-1509/A (Arduino Module) [Catalog] [User Manual]
 8. AO-1601/A (sub-GHz Module) [Catalog] [Data Sheet]

USB Dongle Series:

 1. AO-1507  (Case, PCB ANT) [Catalog] [Data Sheet] [User Manual]
 2. AO-1508  (No Case, PCB ANT)
 3. AO-1508B  (No Case, IPEX)

Wireless transceiver module including 2.4GHz and Sub-1GHz frequency with high reliability.

Sensor Module

PIR Sensor:

 1. AO-1341 (for LED Driver) [Catalog] [Data Sheet]
 2. AO-1506-PIR (ZigBee) [Data Sheet]

3in1 Sensor (Temp/Humidity/Lux):

 1. AO-1505-SKIT (ZigBee) [User Manual]
 2. AO-1505-LUX (ZigBee) [Data Sheet]
 3. AO-1505-THM (ZigBee) [Data Sheet]

CO2 Sensor:

 1. AO-1901-CO2 (NDIR) [Data Sheet] Coming soon

Wire and Wireless sensor including PIR, temperature, humdity, light, and CO2 modules.


DALI Peripheral:

 1. AO-1305A (DALI Switch), AO-1306 (ZigBee Switch) [Catalog] [Data Sheet]
 2. AO-1330  (DALI Tool Box) [Catalog] [User Manual]

Software Application:

 1. Lighting Control Android App (Free Version) [Download]
 2. AO-1202A (DALI Seeting Tool) [Download]
 3. AO-1503/5/6/7, AO-1209 (ZB Seeting Tool) [User Manual] [Download]
 4. AO-1403S (Lighting Control Demo) [Catalog] [User Manual] [Download]
 5. Anduino Demo Code (for AO-1509) [Demo Code]
 6. LAN Module Setting Tool (for AO-1210, AO-1220) [Download]
 7. Smart Color Lighting Control Apps (for Android) [Google play] [Apple Store]
 8. 智慧燈具控制 Apps (for Android) [Google play]

DALI wall switch, DALI tool box, and Apps, etc.